2016-2019 Cadillac ATS-V Manual 3.5” 1350 Series Aluminum Slip Shaft DS-ATSV-35M


Cadillac ATS-V Manual 3.5” 1350 Series Aluminum Slip Shaft with upgraded performance U-Joints and hardware

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Cadillac ATS-V Manual 3.5” 1350 Series Aluminum Slip Shaft with upgraded performance U-Joints and hardware


2016 – 2019: Sedan or Coupe Manual

Product Description:

We build each 1350 series driveshaft with 3.5” x .125 wall Kaiser KDS4-T8 aluminum tubing*, aluminum yoke shaft and spline sleeve assembly, weld yoke, and flange yokes, all components from Sonnax*, upgraded 1350 series non greaseable performance u-joints from NEAPCO, and hardware with lock nuts. This driveshaft also includes a bushing which should be trial fit to the output shaft of the transmission. If bushing fits, install into the adapter flange with small amount of loctite. If the bushing doesn’t fit on the output shaft, just simply discard. This driveshaft may require minimal modification including but not limited to: removing exhaust heat shield and/or cutting minimal notches into the heat shield. Please check for any clearance/rubbing issues. Clearance issues or rubbing of any kind will void the warranty. All driveshafts are high speed balanced for performance application.

**Our 1350 series driveshaft DOES NOT require additional adapters. We build each driveshaft with aluminum adapter flanges from Sonnax. Our driveshaft will bolt directly into your existing OEM flanges on your transmission and differential. This eliminates the need for any additional parts and hardware.**

*Due to circumstances beyond our control, the supply chain is very broken. Back orders are unfortunately impacting all industries with extensive lead times. We will do our best to purchase all parts as listed by vendor, but from time to time other vendors may be used. If this is the case, we will give you an option to use the currently available parts, or wait until the listed parts come in. We only use the very best components in our driveshafts!


Aluminum Tubing:

Sonnax tubing from Kaiser is the best foundation for a driveshaft that’s easy to build and balance. It’s the ideal way to increase strength and critical speed, whether you’re replacing thin wall OE aluminum/steel tubing or converting from a steel two-piece to an aluminum one-piece driveshaft.


*The tubing material is KDS4 T8, Drawn Over Mandrel seamless, made by Kaiser in Richmond VA. This differs from the 6061 T6 tubing which was previously the only tube on the aftermarket scene, made by Arconic (previously Alcoa). The KDS4 T8 has the same weld-ability and most of the same material properties as 6061 T6, however, in our testing, we found it to have about 20% higher tensile strength. It visually looks a little different due to the different processes the two manufacturers have, and Kaiser’s roll straightening / checking on every tube.


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Weight 25 lbs





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